JioPoS Lite – Earn 4% Commission on Mobile Recharge

JioPoSReliance Jio has launched a new commission application for android “JioPOS Lite” app, which will enable anyone to earn commission. The app is like a virtual recharge store where users can transfer money to any Jio user’s account and get commission up to 4.16 percent. 
JioPOS Lite application is currently available to Android users only. Any valid Jio users can download it from the Google Playstore or clicking hereJioPoS Lite app Users can keep track of transactions for 20 days via the app’s Passbook feature. Currently no iOS version of the JioPoS app is available.
The wallet has recharge options starting from Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000. For every 100 rupees spent by the partner via the app, a commission of Rs 4.166 is granted. Your partner gets 4.16 rupees other than the commission. A range of recharge options to choose from will be displayed on the FAQ section of the app. From here, users can opt for a Reliance Jio recharge plan of their choice.  
Other telecom players like Airtel and Vodafone too offer cashback options for their users. Currently commission of 4% is offered by the Airtel through Aitel app. The scheme is known as “Earn from Home.
Vodafone announced its “Recharge for Good” initiative under which if a customer makes an online recharge for another Vodafone customer, he will get a cashback up to 6 percent.


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